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CAVUS CAM has all machines and products for glass sector. It serves all Balkan countries with wide product range.

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Glass Processing Machines

CAVUS CAM answers to your every needs for insulating glass, glass processing and glass handling.

Glass Processing Machines

Glass processing is art and makes masters. View all kind of machines like edging, beveling, drilling, sandblasting and washing machines.


Glass Handling Machines

Transport different sizes of glass easily like a paper. View transport machines like vacuum lifter, cranes, manipulators and glazing robot.


Glass Processing Tools and Accessories

Wide product range for glass tools and double glazing accessories.

Insulated Glass Chemicals

Butyl, Thiokol, Hotmelt, Molecular Sieve and Sausage for insulated glass.


Cup Wheels

Glass edging, beveling, cutting, polishing wheels and diamond cutters.


Spacer Bars

Aluminium spacer bars and corner keys used in insulating glass production.


Karolaj Laths

Aluminium decorative profile for double glazing applications.


Glass Railing Systems

Aluminium Railing, Frameless Railing and Windbreaker Systems.


Color Decorative Glass

Different colors and figures in one glass.


Decorative Glass

View all kind of decorative glasses.


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Cavus Cam application published for android users. You can download easily our application and view our products.