Glass straight line wave machine

Machine Introduction  

  • This machine is able to produce wave bevel on flat glass.  It can also produce normal bevel.  
  • It adopts Panasonic servomotor and cycloid pinwheel decelerator, the transmission speed is very stable and of high precision, which guarantee the good wave shape.  
  • Control system use Mitsubishi PLC control unit.  
  • The main working parameters are set and displayed through an operator interface.
  • Spindles are driven by high precision ABB motors.
  • This machine offers 6 basic waveforms of different wavelength, which can meet the different requirements of the customers.  

Technical parameters 

  • Spindles: 9 heads.
  • Type of Wave: 6 kinds (30,36,45,60,90,180)
  • Speed: 0.3-3m/min
  • Bevel angle : 0°-15°
  • Max. bevel width: 25mm
  • Min. glass size: 150mmX150mm
  • Glass thickness: 4mm-12mm
  • Total power: 18KW  AC 380V±10%/50Hz±2%
  • Overall Dimension: 6.5mX1.1mX2.2m
  • Total weight; 3200Kg