Glass straight line double edger

 Machine Introduction  
  • This machine adopt PLC control and operator interface.  The Screen shows every detailed parameters of glass.
  • The two conveyor belts are driven by two high precision servo motors. 
  • The synchronism of transmitting is very high.  The torsion of output keeps the constant.
  • The mobile grinding section moves along linear twin ball bearing guide. 
  • The transmission is implemented through twin ball bearing lead screws, which is driven by motor with break. 
  • The raise/drop of upper tracking system and upper arris motors are driven by motors.  It can be set automatically according to different glass thickness input.
  • The polishing wheel is operated by air, which can move forwad/back according to glass position.
  • This machine use high precision low vibration ABB motor.
  • This machine adopt timing belts transmission.  
  • The machine equipped a auto lubrication pump, which lubricate the lead screw..
  • Working speed adjustment through Frequency inverter.

 Technical parameters  

  • Spindles: 22 heads.
  • Min. glass width: 260mm
  • Max. glass width: 4500mm
  • Glass thickness: 3mm-30mm
  • Working Speed: 0. 5m-7m/min
  • Speed of width adjustment 0-1400 mm/min
  • Total power: 50KW
  • Working Air pressure 0.15~0.8MPa
  • Outer dimension 5301×4421×1606 mm