Machine Introduction

  • This machine is designed to make bevel on both small glass and big glass.  
  • The back conveyor track can be moved up and down according to glass size.  
  • For small glass size, the back conveyor track can be moved upward.  
  • For big glass size, the back conveyor track can be moved downward, it adopt PLC control and operator interface.  
  • The Screen can show glass thickness, bevel angle, bevel width and back track height.  
  • Conveyors use big roller chain transmitting system, glass griping pads has design for working small glass, it is changeable after wear off.  This structure guarantee glass is stably moved.  
  • The working precision is high.
  • Use high precision low vibration ABB motor, specially for beveling machine.
  • Working speed adjustment through speed regulator, manually.  

 Technical parameters 

  • Spindles: 9 heads.10 heads 
  • Speed:  0.3m-3m/min 
  • Max. bevel width: 40mm 
  • Min. glass size: 30mmX30mm 
  • Glass thickness: 4mm-15mm 
  • Bevel angle: 0°-25°/ 0°-45°
  • Total power: 21 KW (380V 50Hz) 
  • Total dimension: 6.7mX1.1mX2.2m 
  • Weight: 5000Kg