Machine Introduction

  • This machine is designed for producing bevel edge, with bottom edge grinding. 
  • The conveyors' pads ues reinforced steel sheets, which are treated under special process and have high rigidity.
  • The glass transmittance is very smooth, spindles are directly driven by high precision ABB motor. 
  • The working speed is adjustable by stepless regulator. 
  • The glass thickness and working speed are shown on digial readout. 
  • This machine is featured by high efficiency and precision, easy operation and low cost.

Technical parameters 

  • Range of speed:.0.7m-3m/min
  • Min. glass size:100mmX100mm
  • Glass thickness:4mm~15mm
  • Max. bevel width:40mm
  • Bevel angle:0°~25°
  • Total power:23KW
  • Base dimension:6.6mX1.3mX1.9m