Machine Introduction

  • This machine has 6 motors which can process glass bottom edge and front arris(0-45 degree), with 2 motors for front seaming and 2 motor for rear seaming.  
  • This machine use BEARING CONVEYOR SYSTEM.  It is suitable for small glass (40mm*400mm) and heavy glass(4m*4m) processing.
  • The machine has a glass thickness protection mechanism. When wrong thickness glass is put in the machine. The machine will stop automatically. This protects the bearings from crushing.
  • The machine adopt PLC control and operator interface.
  • The front conveyor movement is motorized. It can be adjusted through electrical button on working panel. The thickness is displayed on the screen.  There is also a mechanical readout to show glass thickness.  
  • The working speed can be adjusted via the stepless regulator.
  • The wheels tank for the variable angle 6 wheels use rotating system.  
  • The processed glass surface is very bright and smooth, approaching to the original glass surface. 
  • This machine is also featured by wide processing range and easy operation.  

Technical parameters 

  • Grinding Speed : 0.4-3.8m/min 
  • Variable Angle: 0°-45°  
  • Grinding Depth: 3mm 
  • Max. arris width: 2.5mm 
  • Min.glass Size : 30*30mm*8mm 
  • Glass thickness: 3mm-25mm 
  • Total power: 20KW 
  • Overall Dimension: 9.0m*1.0m*2.5m 
  • Total Weight: 5000Kg