Machine Introduction

  • This machine is able to make flat edge, miter, bevel and back seaming at same time. 
  • There are two variable angle moter basses. One base can change angle inbetween 0-46 degree, the motor base can change angle inbetween 44-90 degree.
  • The machine uses mitsubishi PLC control unit and human machine interface.
  • The parameters of glass can be changed through touch panel. 
  • The machine can set inself precisely according to the input. 
  • The machine adopts chainless rolling transmiting system, the bearings roll along high precision tempered steel guides, the movement of glass is very stable. 
  • The processed glass surface is very bright and shining, approach to the original glass surface. 
  • This machine is also featured by wide processing range and easy operation. 

Technical parameters 
  • Grinding speed:0.5m-4m/min
  • Glass thickness:3mm-30mm
  • Total weight:7000kg
  • Min.Glass size:50mm*50mm
  • Max. bevel width:25mm
  • Total power:40KW
  • Base dimension:9.5m*1.2m*3m